Atelier Seifenzauber

Relax. Rejuvenate. Return.

A new way to Day spa

Our soaps are free from animal ingredients, preservatives and stabilizers. Even allergy sufferers praise the good compatibility of our products. A blessing with every wash!
The vegan soap !


For our soap, we only use high-purity raw materials approved for cosmetics. Our soaps have a very subtle scent (also available completely odorless on request), clean pore-deep and are particularly mild with their skin-friendly pH value. Thanks to the large proportion of glycerine, the soap is also ideal for very dry, sensitive children’s skin, because it is moisturizing and moisturizing, very creamy and pleasantly foaming.

float away

Finely packaged in a paper bag
and thus also nice to look at as a gift.


Brandenburg Gate, TV Tower, Berlin skyline as a comic, optical illusions, smiley, shellac and many…

Magische Seifen

The playing card symbols of hearts, clubs spades and diamonds as a fine soap set.
For card artists, card players, card layers, card collectors and all who may enjoy.


Teeth, skull, crowns, pistols and granates and many…